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    Monica - We had the lovely Jess with us for the birth of our rainbow baby. Going back into a labour room after the stillbirth of our first son, Frankie was scary to say the least and deciding to let someone into that sacred space was daunting, it needed to be the right person. The decision for my mum to be there along with Jess as our doula was one of the best decisions we made. Jess’s energy filled a void in the room, she was uplifting, attentive and an amazing support; not only for us but for my mum also. Jess in addition to a fantastic midwife made the experience of our second son being born one of the best days of our life. The room was filled with love, laughter and a sense of calm, and lots of happy tears.
    Jess; thank you immensely for being there to bring Alfie earth side. His birth is one of the most beautiful memories I have and it wouldn’t be that way without you being a part of it. 

    April 2019


    Rae- I cannot say thank you enough to Jess for her support during my labour.
    My fourth baby entered the world in her own glorious fashion which was not at all to plan.
    Jess’s calm presence and reassurance was pivotal in keeping me calm throughout all the changes to my birth plan. She allowed me to accept that there are some things we cannot control and ensured that I still had the beautiful birth I had envisioned all be it different.
    Jess knows her stuff and her passion for this industry is unlike no other.
    I am so grateful that Jess was a part of my experience. She’s one of a kind x

    May 2019