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A Smudge Feather is a personal and meaningful spiritual tool used during smudging rituals. They can be used alongside any sacred herb, wood or incense, such as white sage, desert sage, palo santo, sandalwood, frankincense incense or any other blend that feels right to you. Light the herbs, wood or incense then gently blow on the chosen medium until it is smoldering and sacred smoke is created. Now using the smudge feather firstly fan and disperse the smoke around yourself and then over any other item or area that requires purification. 

Smudge feathers have been used in smudging ceremonies by Native American Indians and other tribal people around the world for centuries. 

Approx size 35 - 40cm long x 4.5cm wide


All feathers are ethically sourced from an australian farm 

Smudging feather - Australian turkey feather