Together in our homes let's raise our vibration and  invite our feminine wisdom to play.

Through human connection comes healing.


       Light those candles. Align your intentions. Set your Alter.


Let's Gather

Sistars of circle VIP
08 July, 7:30 pm
The woman. The goddess. The archetype of your higher self. Together in sacred ceremony & connection in sisterhood we will be dropping into vulnerability, compassion & primal instincts, as we tap into our Devine fem & spiritual consciousness together. Let's create some beautiful MAGIC!! Xx

 About the Event

This is your invitation as a gift for you. Your healing is a service to yourself. You have no where else to be. Just present in this womb lead circle.  For we are unable to gather in-person what is stopping us from doing the work on ourselves and the environment we share around us, online? Nothing! So BOOM here we go! This gift is too potent not to share, evolve and receive. With all my highest intentions this safe space is going to be what we all need in our lives RIGHT NOW- TODAY!! Whatever channels through me and feels right will be how I'm guided to take this circle into a healing and a high vibration night. 

Candle ceremony, Gentle movement with selected music, Angel Card Journey, Sound healing through my Drum and Bowls, Meditation, Connecting to our own magick and honoring our Feminine Rising and whatever else flows through me is what your ticket purchase will be intended for.

I ask for you to bring the following.


Head phones are a must as the frequency of my drum and bowls sound best through them.

Dress in your most desired attire. Whatever turns you on and makes you feel ALIVE! If you were ever wanting to get WILD now is your chance.


Something I love that makes me feel sexy AF is my hair down and loose clothing that drapes my skin with a little peeka-boo lace. Meooowwwwww.

Open mind and heart.

An intention you shall set for the coming times.

Set up your alter for the Magick evening, with all your favorite things.

A candle.

Your called to Crystal.

Cup of tea. Or wine. No judging here. You do you babe!

Journal and Pen.

A comfy blanket and pillow.


Zoom link will be sent to your email on the day.


So?......What are you waiting for?


See you soon!

Love Love Jess Xx