Crystal Ball

Healing Through Movement 

Want to plunge in self love and devotion through pleasure of movement  with 1:1 Sessions? 

Yes you do! 

What a beautiful way to include this into your circle from doula support to self emerging into your fullest power.

Awaken your soul, as we lean into the intimacy of vulnerability through movement, touch, ceremony and what may be guided through me intuitively.
Bringing you out of your head and into your body with healing energy and a safe haven for you to explore the depths of your human existence. 

Igniting your femininity and inner magic wisdom.

1. 5 hr  1:1 Sessions include 



*Sound healing magic - Drum healing

*3 Tracks of Movement 

*Soul lead mentoring 

*Every session is self tailored to met you were you are at 

Investment $129 x 1 session 

Golden star 3 x sessions $349 saving $38