Between life and death are many moments

When I first became a Doula I never expected to find myself in high demand of a service that is much needed by so many women. It has taken me a while to accept that what I do falls nothing short of "just a birth doula".  I am a Birth Keeper.

If I am being honest within the feedback from clients, my individual service goes so much more deeper then hip squeezers and burning essential oil. It's being educated on your human rights/birthing rights so you can walk into your own birth space with confidence knowing that you have done the work. Pulled apart your fears, embraced your womb, connected to your baby, honor your choices, know your options and have a voice so many don't think they have.

Trusting your intuition that in just this one moment in your life you can absolutely have an empowered and beautiful birth. With less results in Birth trauma and Postnatal Depression.

All of my offerings are suited and aligned to met you at exactly where you are at.

I am not here to play small, I have a burning passion that my service to women is extremely valued and deep. Its holding space and allowing for you to ignite all it is you have ever wanted to know, thought or questioned about Pregnancy and Birth.

I am the biggest book open, I sit here with no judgment, just adoration and a burning passion that your space is respected and honored.