The Birth Doula

Hi, I'm Jess, a proud mum to three gorgeous babes. 

I have the sweetest husband who is my soul mate that supports all

of my adventures in life and respects my love for birth work.

( Support no matter what point in your life is the absolute key!)

I too was born to be a mum and a nurturer to all.

Our first daughter was born sleeping 2013, my whole world felt like it had shattered. A moment in my life that has changed me forever, a storm that's made me the woman I am today.

Strong and Fierce!

Soon after we were blessed with our second daughter. 

I was induced once again but with the thought of the unknown I had no idea the ride I was in for through labour, birth and postnatal

I suffered PND and PTSD and had lost myself completely with very little acceptance of support. 

Our son was born in 2015 my light to the end of the tunnel. 

His birth has transformed me, made me powerful-unique.

I still remember how much I loved his labour and birth and how I owned every single minute of our birth story-together.

A mother and woman in her strongest honor to herself.

Confident and determined that from that moment on I will change the world!

I am open to everything with no fear of judgment, I feel that birth is

sacred-spiritual and there is no greater job in the world then to be there for you in the most empowering-vulnerable time of your life and watch you conquer!!

Which brings me to where I am now. 

A birth/postnatal Doula, currently studying Spiritual Midwifery

(if your not sure on what that is PLEASE google! its amazing!! )

Coming Soon- Reiki 

My love, passion and complete adoration for you

as a woman to watch your transformation into motherhood  

sets my whole soul and heart on fire.

I believe that being 100% honest within yourself and those around you is the only way to be. 

-The Birth Doula Jess